Where the hell is my car?

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I came upon a Polyvore of Vanessa Hudgens just casually glamorous and grocery shopping and loved the comfy sweater she was wearing. I thought sweaters are coming up as the big item as we prepare for winter. I remember one of my favorite stores in SL producing the perfect sweater for this Polyvore interpretation. I had to go grocery shopping too in RL so I thought perfect, I will reflect that in my SL with a funny little grocery cart I found on the Marketplace web page.

Okay it might not be as glamorous as Vanessa Hudgens but it was fun!! I love these comfy boots from So Many Styles and there are a ton of colors. Elikatira has made this adorable bun which I thought matched the Polyvore pic perfectly!


She’s a little bit sweet and a little bit bad girl. Yeahhh. Celebrities have to grocery shopping too you know. o.o.  Anyways, I didn’t have a purse like this but that would be cool for SL. I plan on wearing this sweater this winter till it has holes in it. The close up below features the absolute yumminess of League’s skin Taylor. One of the best on the grid in my opinion and that hair is from Elikatira! So cool and matched the Polyvore pic perfectly. Happy Shopping!

Fashion Info:

Hair: e Away – Blonde 01

Skin: League Taylor Medium

Eyes: Redgrave Jessica Ice

Lashes: Redgrave Spider – 30

Dress bottom: Gisaci Bunni 45 Mini Dress

Shirt: –[LeLutka]-FILOMINA Top/Khaki 1  (worn as the pants layer)

Sweater: **en Svale** Cowichan Sweater_Long(Gray)

Shoes: {SMS} Lazy Boots base

Earrings: Junk Honshu Earring

Purse:[LeLutka]-BIRGER bag/cutis


came with Birger bag from Lelutka

Grocery Cart: .:FUN:. shopping cart FULL Women blue


It’s gonna be a barn burner

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Sooooo yeah haven’t blogged in a long time. My fellow Paperdollz and I have had a busy time of it lately. I’ve had shows shows shows and have had trouble getting to my bloggage. Here I am though 🙂 One thing I love about Fall and Winter is jackets. I have an unhealthy obsession with jackets. Coco blows me away continually. I think it might be possibly my fav store in SL. The quality is so good and she just makes stuff where you go yeahhhhh rawrrr..that’s something I want in my SL inventory. This aviator jacket is so delicious. I love masculine and feminine mixed together. This polyvore below is what I was inspired by:


This is sooo Rock n rolll. Man those boots are intense! LOL  Tell you what I’d wear those in SL cuz that’s what I love about fashion in SL. You can do anything! Would I wear those to walk through Target while I got coffee and cat food? Hellz no but in SL I would!  haha. My leggings i’m wearing are from Royal Blue and I love the name of them which is Jodpurs on Crack. hahah Marni Grut is on fire lately with really awesome new stuff for your winter season. Check her store out puhleaseeee. Well beautiful people I am off to do boring RL stuff. I’d love to see one of you submit a Polyvore recreation in Second Life. You can upload your photo to http://www.flickr.com/groups/paperdollz/.  Woot!

Fashion Info

Hair: >TRUTH< Bebe – mirage

Skin: –Glam Affair– Castalia- MedTan – 03

Eyes: Eyes Jessica -ClearWater- *REDGRAVE

Glasses: Kalnins Sunglasses – Aviator RWK v1.52

Shirt: Emery – Top Ramones Upper

Jacket: *COCO*_AviatorJacket(Black)_Jacket

Pants: (Royal Blue) – Jodpurs on Crack in Charcol Pant

Shoes:.:Vive9:. Xianv2 Boots

Earrings: Zaara Coutoure : Sarayi painted hoops *gold* L

Jammin with my scarecrow

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I was bored today so decided to go out and entertain my scarecrow. I’ve named him Oscar. LOL. Today’s look is a little bit boho, a little bit vintage country. How cute is this vest by Boom for Project Themeory! Aranel Ah you are a goddess.  Vest are hot right now. Especially for fall. I found a polyvore that had just the right feel. My outfit is an interpretation but i pretty much followed it. The vest, the soft dress, the warm stockings, the countryish boots from Kookie that I love. I have an insane love for Kookie shoes!!

"I'm writing you a number of funny things I heard today..."

I’ve always felt i had two looks i loved. Well three. One is rocker chick, two is boho and 3 is very clean modern classy. The hair pulls together this Boho look and I just felt this is something i’d perform in so I grabbed my guitar which is a custom made from Nomasha Syaka of Ministry of Motion. I was feeling the sun, the breeze, the wheat field, my scarecrow. It’s all good. This is the part of SL I love. Creativity, music, art, fashion, design. Rock on.

Fashion Info
Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Nina03b(Caramel)
Skin::GP: Sundust [Light] Beach-Crude 2
Eyes: Eyes Gracia -BrightBlue- *REDGRAVE
Lashes::: Exodi :: Eyelashes (came with Isolde skin)
Dress: [SC] Surf Couture – Sway Sundress Top – Marshmallow 1
Vest: *BOOM* Mini Vest The Birds (Project Themeory) 1
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt – Gray
Shoes:*Kookie*Nyox  boot
socks: !O: Basics Sheer Leggings [CONCRETE] (Socks layer)
Necklace: LeeZu! BohemeMia Necklace (Chest)
Watch: *KUROTSUBAKI* rabbit bangle watch
came with my guitar at Ministry of MOtion
Location: Pemberley (private)

“Something that you feel will find its own form”-Jack Kerouac

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Dusk by the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  I can just feel the cool wind and smell the salty water and seafood restaurants nearby. Today, I craved simplicity. This is the antithesis of attaching something to every attach point on your body. I even removed the bottom part of this Tee*fy tank. Black and white simplicity. These black Lelutka pants are so well made with the little straps on the side. There’s something about the fall that makes me want to clean and declutter and this polyvore just appealed to me. Clean and comfy with a dash of rock. I couldn’t find a black cardigan that looks like the Polyvore pic so I went with Coco’s lace cardigan. Any designers in SL that could make a cardigan like the one below? hint hint

Без названия

I know this skin is all over the feeds but I have to say I’m usually not into hand painted skins but Tres Blah is like unbelievable. This face has such great detail and features. The shading is perfect and i love the rosey cheeks like you’ve been out in the wind. Also, I love these Redgrave eyes. They are blue with brown around the center which is just like my RL eyes and I ❤ them.  If you can, go visit the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge sim. It’s amazingly beautiful. Have a great week!

Fashion Info
Hair: >TRUTH< Marnie – mirage
Skin: –tb– {Tan} Jejune Glossy – Light Winged brows
Eyes: Eyes Gracia -BrightBlue- *REDGRAVE
Lashes: Dutch Touch Xaya Eyelashes
Shirt: Tee*fy White Loose Tank (with the bottom part removed)
Cardigan: *COCO*_Cardigan(Lace)_Jacket
Pants: [LeLutka]-UNDO Pants_Black
Necklace:Silver & Black Ornate Rosary –Nevermore Studios
Bracelets: – Giusia – MARIKA Bracelet L 01
Bethany Heart – First Pose ( not for sale )

Autumn Daze

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Autumn Daze

Yay! I finally posted again, with a swift kick in the arse from Phemie, but I did it! It wasn’t that hard really. Once Autumn shows up, I want to throw on my favorite pair of faded jeans, a big comfy sweater and cuddle under a blanket with a good book. My love for all things Autumn transcends into Second Life as well so when Phemie suggested we do a blog post together (our first joint one I might add) I was all about the Fall clothes. Below are each of the outfits that inspired our looks. We’d love to see what you come up with as well, so share those pictures in the Paper Dollz Flickr group! Oh, and.. happy Autumn!

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First Days of Autumn

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The first days of autumn are here!! I smell it in the air. I love that blue that the skies in September get in Pennsylvania and this windlight setting captured it quite well. As for what I’m wearing, I went for something I would very likely wear in my 1st life. A nice suede comfy jacket, a lightweight sweater and some leggings. A lightweight scarf is so versatile and comfy in the fall. I’m definitely a scarf wearing girl.

So, I went to Polyvore.com and then to collections and just typed in Autumn and I got this nice almost retroed 80’s look. The combo of red and purple is def 80’s come on now. The only thing missing is something in teal! The floral leggings or jeans is soooo 80’s. But, I liked this polyvore cuz it’s a modern take on an 80’s look.

Sin título

So if someone in SL wants to make a green vinyl purse like that one (hint hint) I’d be excited! I realize also, that every post I do I practically always add a piece from Coco. Must be an addiction to that place. These black boots were a free gift too!! You can’t beat that people.  So here’s to mulled cider, football games, sad emo autumnal songs, the smell of burning wood, the sound of falling leaves and shopping hehe.

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Hot for Fall..the black leather skirt!

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Mimikri came out with a very nice black leather skirt which, I can imagine, is not easy to do in Second Life. It can look too photorealistic in my very humble opinion. This skirt, however, looks really nice and I wanted to showcase it in a Polyvore Outfit. So off to Polyvore.com I went and searched under what else but “Black Leather Skirt”  lmao! I came up with this collection:


Now this is much more of an interpretation of a Polyvore. I could’ve found a corset bra like that yummy one in the pic but opted to go for a more silvery tank. This is a top to a dress by Victoria V. I am wearing those exact shoes by Pixel Dolls but obviously they got cut off. Just know that they exist in Second Life! LOL.  The necklace is by Skream at Boom and it is really pretty with a drop neck dress like this. This location is so beautiful. It is called Chouchou which is a Japanese music group which creatively builds very atmostpheric environments in Second Life and this is a beautiful cathedral in the sky.  Sooooo, I just wanted to feature this black leather skirt which can be paired up in so many combinations and great for the winter!! Fall is coming people and leather is a must. You can even go to Polyvore.com and search under “Autumn” and you’ll get lots of great outfit ideas for the fall. Viva la shopping!

Fashion Info
Hair: !lamb. Heart – Honeycomb
Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 – 07 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: – Glam Affair – Stella Eyes V2 -14
Lashes: [ glow ] Clean thick 04  (nose)
Shirt: Victoria V. Silvester Shirt silver
Skirt: Mimikri – Panties / Luisa black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T Shoe Mold -Non Sock Version
Necklace: *BOOM* Skream Pearls (Black Discoball)
Bracelets: Zaara : Pallav clear bracelets (forearm L)
[LP] Lazy Places For DSN Female 2